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25 Black Kitchen Designs For A Modern Home

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Black kitchen is a practical solution for a modern home. It’s stylish beyond words and it can handle lots of traffic and cooking. If you aren’t afraid of darker color schemes a black kitchen is not a mere practical solution though. It’s an entire style statement.

Kitchen Designs For Modern Home

25 Black kitchen design ideas

Black is a strong color and is rarely used alone so many kitchens may feature black cabinets and kitchen islands but the walls, floors, and ceilings are usually made white for contrast. While this is an absolutely classic way to go about it we propose something more daring. Black tiles, grey stone floors, and concrete walls will definitely make for darker design but it will also look unusual and unique.

Black marble is also something to look into. A backsplash or counter tops made of black marble or similar looking material is a great way to add luxe touch to the interior.

Metallic accents are our favorite when it comes to kitchen design and coupled with a black color scheme they will definitely stand out even more. Think chairs, lighting fixtures, cabinet handles, and hardware.

Black cabinets can be both glossy or matte. Both finishes look immensely stylish and luxe in black. Wooden details will also give black interior a bit of warmth so if you are looking to soften your strict black kitchen this is a material for it.

If you are afraid that your kitchen might look too grim make a dining or breakfast area in a different color with black accents to tie them in together but to contrast and break the black color scheme.

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