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Tile Work: Kitchen Design Ideas

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Tile work can enhance almost any room. Commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms tile work can be both functional and beautiful. There are different kinds of tiles so choose the ones that will suit your kitchen style as well as purpose.

Tile Work: Kitchen Design Ideas


Textured tiles can help add certain texture to the kitchen walls. It can be rough stone texture or a smooth glossy ceramic surface. Depending on the style of your kitchen design tile work can complement it through texture as well as through pattern and color.


Mosaic on the feature wall can accentuate the cooking area and protect the wall from grease stains. Since ceramic tiles are relatively easy to clean it’s a functional as well as an aesthetic design solution for the cooking area.


Floors get dirty in the kitchen pretty fast so it’s important to have a surface that is not only eye-pleasing but also easy to clean. Again ceramic or stone tiles with smooth surface are best suited for this. Tile work can also be done in a certain pattern to make the floors look more lively.

Tile Work in Kitchen Design

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