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How To Maintain White Interior Design

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White interior designs have its pros and cons. In terms of cleaning white interiors seem like a big challenge since at times it’s hard to keep it all-white. The interior design should be aesthetically pleasing but it also should be practical. White interior designs are great because they give a place a light fresh look while making a small room look bigger but in terms of maintenance it is hard to keep them shiny the whole time especially in high traffic space like a living room.

On the other hand, it is easier to spot dirt and stains on white surfaces hence cleaning them before they dry and become permanent. But again if the stains are permanent it can be hard and costly to get rid of them. The easiest way of maintaining the white interior design is prevention.

How To Maintain White Interior Design

Prevent Stains

It’s always about prevention in any design. If all things go back to their places immediately after use and if you are careful with food and other staining elements it can be quite possible to maintain the clean space. Prevent stains by covering the furniture with protective spreads or blankets while eating, for example. It is generally a good idea not to have food within a white interior, though. Using washable wall paint or surfaces can be a good idea in maintaining white design.

Spot & Clean

Clean the stains and dirt immediately after spotting them. Thus the cleaning process will be easier and the interior will be cleaner. Protect the surfaces that are sensitive to staining. Clean them every week with a vacuum cleaner to remove dust or wipe them clean with damp cloth.

Use Easy-to-Wash Materials

Easy-to-wash materials and removable upholstery can help in maintaining a white interior design. Again washable paint and surfaces can be used in white designs to make cleaning easier and help maintain the whiteness longer.

Avoid High Traffic Areas

High traffic areas depend on where you spend most of the time. The place is constantly in use and it’s hard to maintain it properly every single minute making sure there are no stains and spills because white designs show off all the staining. It is a two side coin. On one hand, it’s handy to spot and clean stains, on the other, it’s hard to hide or ignore them.

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