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Gymnasium Apartment In New York

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Gymnasium Apartment. The name is not accidental as it is located in an actual former gymnasium of Beaux Arts Police Headquarters Building. The 6,000 square foot place is filled with modern furniture and feels quite classy regardless the ceiling and balcony barrels. Large airy space boasts a master bedroom, a balcony that doubles as study/library and a living dining area on the main level that are integrated with the entertainment zone and a gallery of painting and sculpture collection.

Gymnasium Turned Into Apartment

Gymnasium Apartment living area

Gymnasium Apartment living area

Designed by Charles Gwathmey Gymnasium Apartment is a unique home that features master suite as well as attic guest bedrooms. Regardless of plenty of space and high ceilings with skylights the apartment feels quite homey and the art gallery adds only a decorative touch to it.

Beside skylights the apartment is illuminated with plenty of general and ambient light. There are also numerous light sources across the house to provide residents with comfortable amount of illumination in such a big room. The living area really looks like one big room thanks to the open layout kept from the original space but even that doesn’t take away the homeliness.

White color scheme is kept throughout the apartment with splashes of blues and browns here and there, mostly in furniture. The balcony library imitates the building’s rounding wall and features clear glass floor panels that allow visual access to another room.

The building itself is a beautiful architectural creation too. Built in 1909 it functioned as a police station till 1984 when it was restored and turned into residence building.

What do you think about this amazing conversion?

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