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Boudoir Bedroom Design Ideas

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Boudoir is probably the most feminine bedroom style after shabby chic. Comprised of vintage and soft color palettes it’s definitely the one for princesses and stars. But it is also very luxurious and flamboyant. So if you want to re-create your favorite silver screen’s boudoir in your modern home there are a few things to consider.

Boudoir Bedroom Ideas

Luxury bedroom

Boudoir is about luxury. Even if you live in a modern house you cannot forget about that. Your bedroom will look more opulent than the rest of your home if you decide to create your own boudoir. From luxury fabrics to intricate furniture boudoir requires opulence and quality materials, otherwise the look will be too cheap and unnatural.

When it comes to creating a boudoir two main things are the luxurious bed and a night table with a pouf. These two classic elements will quickly create that look you are after but if you want more details and the space allows it you can also add an elaborate armchair, a fainting couch, or a dressing divider, which is a classic boudoir decor element.

As for the colors, pink is most common for boudoirs but you can use any other. Jewel tones will make the room look extra dramatic while powdery and natural colors will tone down the opulence. Boudoir rooms often have ornate moldings on the walls but you can achieve a great look with ornate wallpaper instead.

If a whole bedroom in boudoir style seems like too much, you can only add a night stand with a makeup mirror with lights and a dressing divider that would suit your bedroom style. You can also make an opulent headboard for your bed if you are on a budget. Vintage furniture can be re-finished and repainted to appear new and luxurious.

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