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Elegant White Bedroom Interior Design

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Since bedroom is a low-traffic zone white design and decor can easily fit for it. An all white bedroom can seem too minimalist so here are some ideas on creating an elegant white bedroom. White is a neutral so it can be paired or accented with any other color from black to bright red or yellow. It all depends on what color scheme you’d like to create and what mood to set.

Elegant White Bedroom Interior Design

Choosing White Hues

Not all whites are the same. Some have gray undertones while others feature blue. So when you choose white paint and white furniture make sure they match nicely or they are of the same hue. This will give the room a whole look. Avoid using gray whites in small bedrooms as they will make the room look smaller.

Pairing With Pastels

White can be paired with a pastel pink or cream or beige. If you are looking for more elegant and unusual color schemes opt for shiny apricot, peach or cream. Chairs upholstered in shiny fabrics will add glamor and opulence to the bedroom without overwhelming it with the secondary color.

Bold Accents

Black and white is a classic, but it can also look elegant. Black can be replaced with plum, charcoal and chocolate brown. Make sure your accent color goes well with the white hue. Bold accents especially stand out in white room so choose beautiful colors and shades that nicely contrast with white design.

White on White

White on white can be hard to pull off but it is quite possible. Opt for sculptural bed with metallic or wooden base, maybe even a canopy bed. Choose ornate and voluminous headboard and draped bed linens. Also pay attention to textures, intricate surfaces will add detail and depth to white bedroom.


Accessorize white with trim work, drapes, interesting throw pillows and ornate linens. Play with various fabrics and surfaces to create elegant but interesting and detailed interior. White allows many design solutions even when the room is finished. Add or throw out the bold accents any time you feel like the room needs a quick makeover. Add patterns, swap furniture and voila the room is as good as new.

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