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Retro Bedroom Design Ideas

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Retro style has its own charm and brings nostalgia to the room. The bright and colorful patterns in retro style make for interesting design and decor. To create your own retro bedroom design look for some eye catchy patterns, retro furniture and decorations. You can find those on yard sales and flea markets, furniture and home decor shops might have modern items designed in retro style.

Retro Bedroom Design Ideas


Retro patterns are very bright and dynamic. They can be used in wallpaper, bedding or carpets and rugs adding a pop of color to the color scheme. Patterns emphasize retro style and can be mixed extensively in throw pillows, chairs and other accent. But not only colorful patterns are common for retro style. White on white patterns can be used to give detail and texture to the surface.

Retro Bedroom Design Ideas

Color Scheme

Retro color scheme can be bright and include multiple colors from sky blue to bright orange. Softer hues include salmon, coral, turquoise, and olive green. Balance out the bright colors with brown and white. You can also opt for a neutral color scheme that you can jazz up with pop of color in accents and certain furniture items or artworks.

Retro Bedroom Design Ideas


Put a twist to the retro bedroom design. It can be a modern or retro futuristic element in the form of a lamp or retro TV. Authentic retro items can add a lot of character, charm and even a bit of history to your retro design.

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