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3 Modern Simple Color Schemes That Aren’t True And Tired

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Black and white, pink and grey, salmon and turquoise are true and tested classics that always work no matter what. These are the color combinations you can use in practically any room depending on the mood you want to create. But we are offering three modern simple color scheme alternatives that are different and unusual.

Simple Unusual Color Schemes

Green grey kitchen

Pale green and grey make for an amazing color scheme. Albeit being similar in intensity and hue these understated colors create a beautiful duo. The deep blue that divides living area from the kitchen also adds to the charm and the metallic accents bring glamour into decor.

dark blue and pink living room

We don’t see a dark blue and pink color scheme used in interiors very often. It’s a great combination for a living room as well as the bedroom and it works great with the white neutral background and the shades in between.

Baby blue and red is a strange combination but it somehow works. Especially if you take slightly different shades than classic baby blue and bright red. For example, a darker jewel red will definitely go well with pale icy/aqua blue creating a sophisticated interior.

baby blue and red living room

If you are looking to update your interior through color you can make your color scheme more complex by adding accents in lighter or darker shades of your primary and secondary colors or by adding a tertiary one. For instance, you can layer up greys by adding a darker bed or sofa against the light grey walls. Wood and metal are also great neutrals to break and enhance you color scheme.

Look for color schemes that use one bright or deep color and two neutrals for a more complex sophisticated and look for inspiration in nature, fashion, and art for the most interesting ideas.

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