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Budget-Wise Design Ideas for Small Spaces

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Small-spaced homes are more popular than ever. The population growth, bad economy and high real estate costs make a small-spaced home a necessity. But does it mean you have to give up your grand design ideas at all? With a little moderation any home can be designed with style expressing your own taste. Budget-wise solutions are also in demand so we combined these two themes together to collect some design ideas for small spaces that are both stylish and budget-wise.

Budget-Wise Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Small spaces lack space, which means you need to be conscious when buying furniture. Opt for mobile, foldable, space-saving models with storage spaces. Be sure to use any opportunity for storage and saving space for things and accessories you like. So you are limited in space but you still got plenty of areas to apply your design ideas.

Bold Color Scheme

A color scheme should contain recessive colors in order to make the room look bigger, but if you don’t mind the small-room look go with bold colors. Experiment with color mixes, wall art and decorations. Walls, ceilings and floors are the areas that are not filled with furniture and things. Don’t overdo with wall decorations and shelves though as they will take away the visual sense of space from the room making it look smaller. Go with light materials and designs, vinyl stickers and texture paint.

Get Rid of Unnecessary

Doesn’t it feel good when you get rid of things you never used, that cluttered your house taking up the precious space? It might be not very budget-wise but you could always donate them charity or recycle them. Also don’t be afraid to edit your furniture arrangement. Don’t use armchairs? Coffee table is too big for one or two cups of coffee? Off they go. What’s use of chairs if nobody sits on them? You don’t have to have a conventional set of furniture. If you don’t use certain items, get rid of them in order to make more room for more of your design ideas.

Everything is Recyclable

Well, almost everything, but still. Think about how can you remake your old stuff to fit into your new small-spaced house. Redecorate, don’t be afraid to utilize used furniture. Give your furniture a makeover or make it look older go with the unfinished vintage look. Recycling is one of the greatest budget-wise design solutions.

Divide One Room Into Areas

Want more rooms in the house? Divide one room into several areas. Demarcate the eating area and the living area by placing the sofa with its back to the table. Use different rugs for different areas and change colors from one area to another to thus make a visual but not physical divider for the room.

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    need ideas for small bedrooms with kids like the desk on top of bed. Small laundry room with tall ceiling in multi purpose room with HVAC unit and water heater…lots of laundry need help with ideas to make laundry functional with 3 kids

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