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Garden Rug by Pia Wustenberg

Urban city is often described as a concrete jungle that lacks greenery. Now more and more architects and designers work to create Eco-friendly pleasant green objects for city residents to enjoy. Garden Rug by Pia Wustenberg is one of those things.

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Garden Rug by Pia Wustenberg allows to create your personal indoor lawn and enjoy some greenery even when living in a highly urban environment. Made from alpaca fiber the rug promotes the growth of the stitched on moss in a floral pattern. The seedlings that were sewn into the rug grow as they are being watered and cared for.

Garden Rug by Pia Wustenberg

The Garden Rug is a part of Pia Wustenberg‘s Moss Story project that has her research this plant family. The research helps her use moss in her designs to bring the beauty of the greenery and garden into the urban home that lacks it.

The Garden Rug takes about three days to make so its cost is around £1,000. The rug originally looks like a gray pillow and after some time the moss starts to grow where the seedlings were sewn. Isn’t it just beautiful?

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