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Ergonomic Wooden Hammock by Adam Cornish

Taking a motion of the human spine into account the designer Adam Cornish has created an ergonomic hammock. Made of wood the hammock provides its owner with stable back support for the proper posture and comfort.

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An Australian designer Adam Cornish has designed this award-winning Wooden Hammock considering the motion of the human spine. The design was given a Workshopped ‘s Peoples Choice Award in Sydney. It is no wonder as the design is both ergonomic and Eco-friendly.

Ergonomic Wooden Hammock by Adam Cornish

Wooden Hammock was made from a piece of plantation-grown plywood into a beautiful modern hammock the design of which does resemble a human spine. The hammock is said to support one’s back even when the person is lying and working on the laptop providing the right posture.

The Wooden Hammock has certainly drawn attention in the design industry providing its creator a mentoring session with a famous industrial designer Yves Behar.

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  1. Aga@rope hammock Says:

    This is so cool I want to try this at home. Where can I buy one of these? This really fascinates me.

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