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Mixing styles: Awesome Backyard Designs

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If you are one of those unique personas that hate conventional styles, here is a proposal – create your own style. This post is all about mixing styles in creating awesome backyard designs.

Awesome Backyard Designs

Amazing backyard designs

The interior of your backyard is an ultimate statement about your house, and it is ok if the details do not fit a certain scheme or style. Try being creative and combine different styles to create your unique design. An awesome example of how to artistically mix interior designs is to be found in Hollywood hills, California. The design company Topsy Design has made its best to create somewhat antique and yet rustic look to one of the backyards.

Provided with small space, they managed to create a cozy and interesting background. They used an ordinary back yard, with trees, grass and added a bit of antique charm to it. The armchair looks like it is from luxurious medieval France, and the bench just looks Greek. Almost all of the furniture has a rustic look to it. Wonder where did they get that shabby and worn out furniture that looks just exactly right?

Perhaps it is after all a new set of furniture that was forced to look old? You might wonder how could it be done: there is an easy trick to it. Of course there are different techniques on how to age the furniture, and it depends on the kind of wood, but they are mostly all the same. The easiest way to age the brand new furniture is using Vaseline. It is as easy as applying one coat of paint unto the furniture piece, then putting Vaseline to some points of your paint where you are most eager to create rustic look, mostly these are corners. Then reapply another coat of paint with a different color. When that it is dry, all you have to do is just rub it with sandpaper. The harder you try, the shabbier it looks. Isn’t it exciting?

The Hollywood backyard, however also has some other features apart from rustic furniture: the industrial looking lights, a modern looking glass table with metal flower at the base, and awesome wooden bathtub with a little sauna like space behind it. The Topsy Design studio has really done their best in creating unique and eclectic designs.

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