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Oak Furniture by Denis Milovanov

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“Furniture” is not the first word that comes to mind when you see Milovanov’s works. The phrase “architectural objects” describes them better.

Conceptual Furniture by Denis Milovanov

Denis Milovanov

Stool №8 by Denis Milovanov

Denis Milovanov is a Russian industrial designer who makes interesting furniture using oak. He worked as a cabinetmaker for a while, but then he left his job, established his own workshop named after him and started to make furniture.

Denis uses only oak in his works. He is inspired by this wood because of its inhomogeneous structure, resistance to decay compared to other types of wood and the long life of oak trees. Oak can live up to 250-300 years. From the beginning he is using only the natural wood of dead or damaged trees. “Thereby keeping them from further destruction in the outdoor environment, and giving them a second life in sculptural objects and furniture of simple organic forms”, – he says.

Shapes of Milovanov’s works are inspired by the ethnic African sculpture as well as by the massive space and coldness of Russian North. Because of the wood’s age Denis’s objects have cracks and unevenness. They give individual texture to his works and make his furniture alive or at least show that it was alive at some point. These cracks tell the wood’s story that maybe 300 years long.

“It is very important to us to use centuries aged oaks to worthy goods, not to tasteless items” – says Denis Milovanov. His objects have a soul; they are not another IKEA’s chair. Imbued by his works you would consider it a sacrilege to sit on them. You would want to put this chair in the middle of the room and just look at it. These sculptures represent simplicity and fundamentality.

Russia has two or three, maximum six, brands that produce conceptual furniture and Milovanov is undoubtedly one of them.

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