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WEATHERS: Environmental Designs Art Installation

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The problem of pollution, green house effect and other ecological problems are the most common environmental problems. But few disagners actually address these problems. WEATHERS does, and recently released the Amplification art installation.

Amplification Art Installation

WEATHERS: New Dimension of Design

Environmental office WEATHERS, addresses environmental issues, such as landscape and urban planning, climate and architecture and much more. The founder of the environmental designs office, Sean Lally, emphasized that the realization of their projects ultimately has a functional aspect, as they create the future of design. Not surprisingly, their new installation, “The Amplifications” won the prize of the 31 annual Architectural League Prize for Young Architects and Designers.

In order to understand the concept behind this art piece, we need to come to the ideas behind the company. They work on two levels of projects: micro and macro designs. The micro version is of course in testing the materials for a bigger scale design. Their prominent goal is in designing the next generation of ecologically sound environment. Some of their other projects, have already been an inspiration for it, like the “Wanderings” project, where one can observe the projections of people seating in the park full of snow.

The Environmental Design office lately have produced another conceptual masterpiece, the Amplification art installation. It is located in Los Angeles in an outdoor garden, looks like a transparent cube with contents. It becomes a test in itself, a trial of exterior and interior materials, of how they would interact in real life environment, which is an important aspect of the Amplification installation. It is a statement in some way. The sealed in flowers give off its heat, and the way it affects them can be readily seen, because they are restricted to a transparent cube.

Their projects are a message of ecological effects, it’s demonstration of the manmade and natural processes in affecting the environment.

Check out Amazing WEATHERS Art Installations:

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