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3D Carpets Introduced to Home Interiors

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Startling 3D carpets are conquering home interiors. No wonder why – they aren’t just unusual, they belong to the type of things that are called Art. They just move back all other elements of interior and grab all the attention.

Autumn Theme 3D Carpet

Autumn Theme 3D Carpet

3D Carpets in Home Interiors

These are not just carpets with interesting texture. Unexpectedly the image on the carpet gains dimension and becomes as real as no one could fancy before. Perhaps you have seen images in chalk on the streets or the floors. As you stand at a right point, it instantly becomes alive. So the same idea has been applied to make home interior even more fascinating.

Ideas for such carpets vary from a usual 3D pattern, if to look at it from certain point of the room to the portraits and landscapes striking your mind while entering the room.

3D carpets are especially popular to be placed at living rooms. I suppose, it’s definitely something new and different for any interior and for kid’s rooms. Children have very active imagination and instead of watching cartoons, your child will be busy creating his or her own world inhabiting the scenes of a 3D carpet.

Geometric 3D Carpet

Geometric 3D Carpet


Most famous studio creating these amazing works of art is Ege. They actually are very bold at creating successful illusions on carpets. Now they are working on a portrait to be transferred  as a 3D image onto a carpet. These experiments have been warmly greeted by the customers and now they successfully bring a piece of illusion to private home interiors.

Another dimension brought to a room by a carpet can become another trend in design. Playing with space in such a way can bring unexpected results that will give you another point to be very proud of your interior’s individuality.

New Dimension for Office

New Dimension for Office

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