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Top 5: Worlds Most Amazing Gigantic Aquariums

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Are you fond of nature? How about aquatic nature? And now, how about aquatic nature that syou in daily life events? Find out about world’s most amazing aquariums. This list will contain only those aquariums that are truly amazing and stunning.

Gigantic Aquarium

Marine Life Aquariums


This gigantic aquarium was built in 2004 by by International Concept Management, Inc and is located in Radisson Blu Hotel, Berlin, Germany. It is 25 meter cylindrical aquarium that also has a built-in translucent elevator. It is made of acrylic glass, and contains almost 1 000 000 liters of water with over 1500 different sea animals. This amazing water construction is the world’s biggest cylindrical aquarium. It looks awesome as from the inside and from the outside.

Gigantic Aquarium

Georgia Aquarium

This aquarium is considered world’s most largest aquarium, with 8.6 million US gallons of water, hosting 120,000 animals representing 500 diverse species of underwater inhabitants. It was opened in 2005, in Atlanta, USA. The sea animals are to be observed in six galleries: Georgia Explorer, Tropical Diver, Ocean Voyager, Cold Water Quest, River Scout, and Dolphin Tales. The name of the gallery is a hint on its inhabitants.

Gigantic Aquarium

Dubai Mall Aquarium

As guessed by the name, this gigantic aquarium is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Guinness World Records committee officially recognized it as having the largest acrylic panel (32.88 m wide × 8.3 m high × 750 mm thick). It can hold up to 10 million liters of water and hosting 33 000 different water animals. It is the largest suspended aquarium in the world.

Gigantic Aquarium

Okinawa Churaimi Aquarium

This marvelous aquarium was built in 2002 as a part of the Ocean Expo Commemorative National Government Park. It is considered world’s second largest aquarium with its 19 000 territory. It consists of 77 tanks, sporting even whale sharks. It also has four manta rays and many other over 20 000 other underwater animals.

Gigantic Aquarium

Aquarium of Western Australia

Surprisingly, it is a privately owned aquarium, and claims to make the top ten of world’s most largest aquariums. It exists almost 25 years, and is famous for displaying mainly sea animals that inhabit western Australia, sporting over 400 species of marine life.

Gigantic Aquarium

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