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Land Art Installation by Cornelia Konrads

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The Land Art installation by Cornelia Konrads looks amazing and unreal at the same time, yet it is all real. A incorporeal art installation by Cornelia Konrads seems to challenge the gravity itself!

Land Art Installation by Cornelia Konrads

Floating Art Installation

Konrads uses all natural elements to create the art installation right in the natural sight, the forest! But what at first looks like an ordinary forestry, is in fact is quite shocking. The branches are floating, forming an arch, the logs that are piled up look like they are about to start off from earth!

The look it gives to an unobtrusive observer is that the landscape has gone wild. The floating art installation appears ethereal and serene. The author of this creation, a German designer Cornelia Konrads is working along with such renown artists as Andy Goldsworthy and Rob Mullholland. She usually works with green themed installation, and the floating scene is a message the author wants to give to the casual visitor: to reconsider nature, as our indispensable habitat.

One of her installations in German forest glade, named the “Passage” opens a literal pass way into the wild, allowing visitors to see the bond between manmade surroundings, and the nature. Her other installation, “the Gate”, this time in France, is also sort of channel that leads to another untouched world of beauty. Her third installation, a pile of logs is reminiscent of a shamanic tradition. It represents the pleas and prayers of people in Asia by improvised pyramids of wishing stones, in her case – logs.

Her latest work, Schleudersitz, from German “the ejector seat”, features a gigantic slingshot made of an enormous wishbone shaped tree branch and an ordinary bench. Well, it’s not soothing to sit on that bench. However, her art installations are all a mission to transmit a message, where the manmade art and natural beauty coexist.

Check out this amazing floating installation by Cornelia Konrads:

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