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Top 5: Most Weird Fish Tanks

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People can get very creative in making homes for their loved pets. But what if the loved pets are fish? Then you can get very imaginative, and get the aquarium that suits your interior… or not. Check out top five most Weird fish tanks from all over the world.

Weirdest Fish Tanks

Apartment Fish Tank Designs

Toilet Fish Tank

Fish are obedient and silent creatures, that will endure anything, even living in the most weird fish tanks. In my own opinion this is a horrible idea, that regards fish as interior objects. Unfortunately, these toilet fish tanks are gaining its popularity and are being produced in great variety. The legend says, they are eco-friendly, but I say it is still freaky.

Weirdest Fish Tanks

Car Fish Tank

Of course this design of the fish tank can’t be named convenient or small, but it certainly has some appeal for unconventional design lovers. Yes, this ordinary car was transformed into a big aquarium. It looks quite original, though I guess the fish don’t really enjoy the mechanical interior of their home.

Weirdest Fish Tanks

Urban Aquarium

This is a street telephone booth, except with fish inside. It looks cool actually, with all the water and even actual telephone. I just wonder how it doesn’t leak. The idea behind this urban glass cages with fish is of course repurposing, as mostly phone booths are out of date, they just waste their existence falling apart from age. Well, not any more, an ordinary telephone booth got a chance to become a very cool and original urban aquarium.

Weirdest Fish Tanks


Yes, you got it right! Macquarium is a fish tank by iMac, or is it? These are just fan remake of old and unused computers, into awesome fish tank with iMac logo on it. Jake Harms, a Nebraska citizen made a hobby out of iMac remakes into fish tanks. Since 2007, he has been remodeling old computers to suit the interior.

Weirdest Fish Tanks

River Plant Aquarium

It is an amazing and weird design of a fishtank that features an aquarium and a small garden at the same time. It is eco-friendly and very stylish. Designed by M. Lehanneur, this construction is not only nature-friendly but also beautiful, being an art installation. This one is the best of all five, being the fishtank, little garden and an art piece at the same time!

Weirdest Fish Tanks

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