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How to Build a Resort in Thailand

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Peter is a young, smiling and very nice guy from Germany who moved to Thailand 9 years ago. Now he owns a small resort on the Ko Chang island in Thailand. “Jungle Garden” has opened in the fall of 2012, and after a few months it has earned loyal customers.

How Peter Opened His Own Thai Resort

"Jungle Garden" resort, Ko Chang island, Thailand

“Jungle Garden” resort, Ko Chang island, Thailand

During his first trip, he met a lot of Europeans living in Thailand who had their business there. Peter then realized that he could easily live and work in this country. So he just left for Thailand without definite plans.

Peter first got a job in a call-center, where he met Tookie, his future wife.

A couple of years ago, his sister came to visit him in Thailand, and together they went on a tiny island, much less developed than Ko Chang island. There they saw a lot of resorts under construction. The land there was cheap so an idea to build his own resort smote him.

Bungalos in "Jungle Garden" resort

Bungalos in “Jungle Garden” resort

He returned to Ko Chang island and realized that it is more promising. They cleared the jungle, cut down 10-12 huge trees and made all the furniture for the resort out of them. The bar was built from stones that were found at this site.

Because of resource limits, they did not hire a designer. Peter planned and designed the resort together with his wife.

Room in bungalo in "Jungle Garden" resort

Room in bungalo in “Jungle Garden” resort

At first they were planning to build a few bungalows. Erection of 6 bungalows took about 3 months. Thais build very quickly: 8-10 working days, 8-9 hours a day, seven days a week.

As Peter says, it seems difficult at first, but it is enough to find a good lawyer, and he will take over the majority of paper work.

Now Peter has 6 bungalows, and he can call all his guests by name. Peter and his wife are planning to build another 6-7 bungalows, and it will be enough, because he really wants to keep this homely atmosphere.

Peter, "Jungle Garden" resort's owner

Peter, “Jungle Garden” resort’s owner

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