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2 Stunning House-Buses

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We wrote about motorhomes that fall into the category of our favorite miniature houses. Such houses are comfortable and relatively inexpensive. And they also provide space (but sometimes limited to 190 ft² – an area of ​​the trailer) for designer fantasies.

2 Stunning House-Buses from Israel and North America

Bus-house in Israel

Bus-house in Israel

Some take old buses as a basis for their homes.

House-bus in Israel

Tali Shaul and Hagit Morevski came up with the idea to convert an old bus in the house after reading a fashion women’s magazine about alternative housing issues. Without hesitation, the woman went to the nearest Scrap and became a happy owner of a decommissioned bus.

After that they attracted a designer and friend Vered Sofer Drori. With her help they prepared a plan in which they managed to fit “bedroom” (if you can call a bedroom bed in the back of the bus), bathroom, pantry and fully equipped kitchen into the area of ​​6.5×40 feet. They also included an air conditioner, which is so necessary in these latitudes.

The owners got quite spacious, pretty, bright and unusual house. Large windows, bus doors, wheel arches were preserved, ie the interior of the house was blend in the bus form. Surviving passenger seats bring authenticity to the interior.

House-bus in North America

Sean and Lindsay, designers from the U.S. Agency WPI Creative, built a house on wheels in North America, which is pretty cool. If we combine the concept of “cold winter” and “a lot of firewood,” the first thing that comes to mind is a wood furnace. So, this is a house with a furnace in an old bus.

The bus has a kitchen, a toilet with its own sewage, and comfortable living space. They used bamboo for flooring, while the rest is upholstered with oak, maple and pine. They installed a platform on the roof for transportation of whatever they want.

According to Sean all the “road” components (engine, transmission, etc) are now in reasonable condition, but they will have to pass better maintenance to go far enough. It is understandable, the bus is 34 years old.

Sean and Lindsay recently sold the house-bus young to a couple, who will live there in the mountains of North Cascades, in northern Washington State, near the border with Canada.

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