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Ocean In Kitchen: Aquariums In Interior

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Now big cool big aquariums aren’t only limited to corporate offices. A Dutch designer Robert Kolenik has created a kitchen counter called Ocean Kitchen with a built-in fish tank that can be made to measure but definitely will draw all attention to iteself. A limited edition Corian creation is an L-shaped structure with enough space for storage and a mobile lid that can be lifted with a push of a button.

Aquariums In Interior

Ocean Kitchen by Robert Kolenik

While this kitchen counter is definitely a unique product on the market aquariums in interior aren’t an innovation. Built-in fish tanks are especially interesting as they are usually presented as part of furniture or even architecture. There are companies that do custom aquariums works to fit your interior. For instance, Furnitureland South has created a king size headboard fish tank in North Carolina back in 2012. And designer Darren Morgan showed with his Dynamic Kitchen concept how a fish tank can fit into the kitchen backsplash as well.

Other ideas include aquariums fireplaces, coffee tables, office desks, and even artworks. The latter are built into walls and framed as artworks. You can also see aquariums built into shelving, drawer chests, and other furniture pieces. We’ve also seen less exquisite examples of fish tanks built into sinks and toilets

Ocean Kitchen by Robert Kolenik

Ocean Kitchen is tastefully done. The design isn’t overloaded with details as well as the lines of the frame and aquarium itself are pretty clear, so the island looks minimalistic exposing the beauty inside of it. There is plenty of space to work and cook as well as grab a bite or have a morning coffee in serenity of silent fish swimming in the blue of aquarium. This reminds us of a kitchen counter with a built-in fireplace by Michaël Harboun.

What do you think about built-in aquariums as part interior design?

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