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Interactive Wallpaper to Cure Your Boredom

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Wallpaper is perhaps the most common type of finishing material for wall decor. A variety of color, texture and price allows people to make their choice. But in time any wallpaper stales, loses its color and becomes boring.

Revolutionary ideas for wall decor market are coming from designers who offer interactive wallpaper of all sorts.

Interactive Wallpaper to Enliven Your Room

Austrian company Struk introduced to the world its creation – Digital Wallpaper. You can project any image on this wallpaper using projectors, which are placed on the ceiling and allow you to project not only statical images, but also the movement and animation on the walls.

Digital Wallpaper by Austrian company Struk

Digital Wallpaper by Austrian company Struk  

Living Wall by High-Low Tech has many kinds of sensors and devices. Its integrated system contains lighting, audio, network interfaces, sensors, gas contamination, noise, fumes and traffic. You simply pass the hand over the surface on the desired area, and the Living Wall performs one of the tasks – regulates the room temperature, the degree of light or sound level, controls various household appliances and audio-visual technology.

Living Wall by High-Low Tech

Living Wall by High-Low Tech 

One of the hospitals in London has turned the walls in the children’s surgery unit into the “interactive adventures in an enchanted forest”. The entire length of the unit, which has 50 meters of walls, is covered by interactive wallpaper. It reacts to the presence of a child and “sends” him or her a deer, hedgehogs, rabbits and other wild animals. According to doctors and psychologists, these games help children to relax and recover faster.

Interactive adventures in an enchanted forest in a hospital in London.

“Interactive adventures in an enchanted forest” wall in the children’s surgery unit

Reactive Paint is an invention of the Chinese designer Shi Yuan. Once you warm the wall with your hands or turn up the heat, the first pink buds will appear among the green leaves on the wallpaper (25 º C) , and after that you will see the flowers (35 º C). If you open a window or turn on the air conditioner, you will observe the opposite picture: the cold air will cause the walls turn green again. This wallpaper will serve as a kind of thermometer and will liven up the room, turning it into a virtual flowerbed.

Reactive Paint by Chinese designer Shi Yuan

Reactive Paint by Chinese designer Shi Yuan

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    Hi this was a good read i love wallpaper i have just designed my room and brought some wallpaper from plushwallpaperdotcom they have some wallpapers like you have mention above but with out the gadget bits. hope this helps 🙂

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