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Amazing and Stylish Astro Bed by Ciacci

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Ciacci is specializing in iron furniture creating the most beautiful beds we’ve ever seen. Their latest creation is amazing and stylish Astro bed. Made of charcoal wrought iron this astronomical bed is a simple inspiration in itself for a beautiful, space-style design. A true escape from the everyday world with its routines and tasks to a world of slumber far in space with planets and stars all around.

Amazing and Stylish Astro Bed by Ciacci

The Astro bed is beautiful and stylish and it’s a sure way to create a special atmosphere in the bedroom. Its structure is geometric and engaging. Its space-inspired is meant to bring “liveliness” to the room and more. There is style to it, it’s modern and attractive and can make a great impact to the room decor. It’s not just a bed, it’s a decorative element.

Designers’ description:

New aesthetic meanings. “Familiar” shapes which, through the originality of thought, are enriched by a new aesthetic meaning, creating an unexpected visual and emotional impact. To start and end one’s day with “liveliness”.

Ciacci creates beautiful beds so we chose those we loved the most to share with you in a gallery below. The designs are beautiful and many of the beds are made in traditional and yet luxurious style. All those curved lines, floral motifs and twirls look absolutely beautiful.

Another new bed from Ciacci is called Memory (in the gallery below) that has a similar design to Astro bed in red. It’s more soft though due to rounded lines and forms. What do you think of Astro bed and other Ciacci beds?

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