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Dining Room Decor: Eye Catchy Chairs

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Dining room chairs is an important element of the room. They can not only function but also add to the dining room decor. Unusual shape and color can make the chairs great accents for the dining room.

Dining Room Decor: Eye Catchy Chairs

Make Bold Statement

A dining table may be the focal point of the room but the chairs that can also make a bold statement in the room decor. Think bright rich colors that suit the dining room color scheme. Use them as accents to emphasize main colors. Use patterns in upholstery or slip covers.

Add Detail

A simple and functional chair can look seamlessly built into the decor but the structural pieces will add an interesting eye catchy detail to them. A decorative back, legs, and frame will enhance the look of the dining set.


Set of simple dining chairs can be given a quick makeover with paint, reupholstering, or an interesting slip cover. The different style chairs can be united into a set with the same slip covers. To give the dining room a quick makeover the slip covers can be changed to different ones.

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