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Ottomans In Home Decorating

Ottoman has been used as a stool and footrest for quite a while before acquiring new functions. Now it has many uses and comes in a variety of shapes, styles and fabrics. There are legged and tufted ottomans, there are hollow ottomans for storage purposes and there are also pet-friendly models.

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An ottoman is a common furniture item in home decoration. It’s cute and stylish as well as it’s functional and multipurpose. Ottomans often come in a furniture set or with a chair and while it can be used as a seat or a footstool it can also be used for various other purposes.

Ottomans In Home Decorating


Ottomans are now also commonly used as coffee tables. A bright ottoman that stands out from the rest of the furniture makes for a statement coffee table. Due to it’s upholstered surfaces it is usually protected with a tray that’s used for serving drinks.


Use an ottoman as an additional storage unit. Some models come with storage properties which allows enjoy the aesthetic of an ottoman and save space in a small apartment.

Pet Furniture

Some ottomans are very pet-friendly as they feature an opening inside the ottoman for a dog or kitty to sleep in. Thus you can both enjoy the aesthetics of the ottoman in the room and accommodate a pet giving it its own space.

How to Choose Ottoman

Depending on your needs decide on the size of the ottoman. Will it be pet-friendly or will it have storage properties? Choose a bright ottoman to play as an accent in the room. Stick to same color ottoman for a traditional classic touch. There are ottomans with legs, tufted and smooth, round, square and rectangular so there are plenty of options to choose from.

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