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5 Hi-Tech Bed Designs And Concepts

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Hi-tech furniture can be an interesting but more importantly functional addition to the interior design. Today we look at five hi-tech bed designs and design concepts that imagine the bed as a media-enhanced space enhanced with modern entertainment technologies.

Top 5 Hi-tech Beds

Hi-Can Bed

5 Hi-Tech Bed Designs And Concepts

Hi-Can Bed designed by Edoardo Carlino which imagines the bed as a technological cube with a built-in theater screen and other media entertainment features like a music player and game console.

Smart Bed

5 Hi-Tech Bed Designs And Concepts

Smart Bed by Ohea is an actual bed that is equipped with a special mechanism that makes bed itself allowing to spend some morning time with loved ones or simply enjoying  a morning without performing chores.

Somnus-New Bed

5 Hi-Tech Bed Designs And Concepts

Somnus New bed by Yoo-Pod Ltd. provides with Internet connection, audio-visual system with a drop-down screen and mechanized curtains. The Somnus New bed is more like an entertainment hub lit with LED lighting.


5 Hi-Tech Bed Designs And Concepts

Lomme bed by Agnieszka Bernacka is an egg-shaped hi-tech bed that provides with light, sound and massage therapies that were designed following the two-year research into sleep problems and habits.

Ecotypic Bed

5 Hi-Tech Bed Designs And Concepts

Ecotypic bed is a design concept that combines a bed with flower mini garden which adds dreamy touch to the technological design. Created by Sexin Design Ecotypic bed is equipped with LED reading lights, speakers for playing music and function as a built-in alarm clock, flower box, and an eco-friendly mechanism that converts all the motion in bed into energy. The bed also features straps to make it easier to workout and generate energy. Impresssive!

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  1. jaya Says:

    Very nice concept

  2. Alim sardar Says:

    Its a fantacy world look like a 3d hi fi technology I want to get it in my bed room very soon

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