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Recycled Aircraft Parts Furniture by MotorArt

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A California-based company, Motoart has developed a series of conceptual furniture made of fragments of decommissioned aircrafts. Previously, they would be sent to a landfill or junk yard. But now you have an opportunity to order a table made of an exclusive wing of a “steel bird” or a bed made of the aircraft turbines.

Luxury Furniture Made of Aircraft Parts

Bed, designed and made of an airplane's turbine by Motoart

Bed, designed and made of an airplane’s turbine by Motoart

It is sad to see decommissioned aircrafts, standing alone there, where they will not fly. However, they can return to an active life, though not completely. So, designers from Motoart studio converted wings and doors, turbine and seats, side walls with windows and without them, as well as other fragments of the aircraft, into stylish, modern furniture, in which their extreme past is hardly recognized.

MotorArt team, headed by designer Donavon Fell III, produces such collections of furniture for corporate hotels of world’s leading airlines. Couches, chairs, stools and other items with exotic look also carry the advertising function for the airlines. The idea to start the development of this design direction came to Donovan when he decided to create a sculptural composition of a propeller aircraft. He came to the aircraft dump to find the right part. His attention was drawn to body parts of aircrafts.

Since then Fell III became obsessed with this stuff and started to design and create all the details of the interior and furniture exclusively from aircraft parts. Soon he gathered a team of like-minded people.

And, as a rule, they use body parts of long decommissioned aircrafts of the 70’s-80’s of the twentieth century, which gives additional vintage flair to the collection. Such furniture wakes many memories and often sets the theme for stories about life in the distant past, and promotes the study of history of aviation.

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