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How to Use Leftover Wallpaper

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When the remodeling is over, we often still have some unused materials. If you have remnants of wallpaper, do not rush to throw them away. There are plenty of ways to use them as decoration for your home. We offer 5 tips of such cheap and original home decor.

How to Use Leftover Wallpaper: 5 Tips

Leftover wallpaper used for headboard decoration

Leftover wallpaper used for headboard decoration

Wall decor

You can use the remnants of wallpaper to change the look of bored monotone walls. These fragments can be framed by wall molding to emphasize borders.

If you want something less radical, then make a collage of wallpaper residues in a picture frame. It can be removed or replaced at any time, as soon as you get bored of it.

If you have accumulated a lot of different types of wallpaper, consider creating a patchwork wall or a small area of ​​patchwork. Such design will look especially interesting is the kids room.

The main thing is that all the remnants of wallpaper looked harmoniously with each other in color, style and pattern. Experiment with forms, such as simple squares, hexagons or strips.

Furniture renovation

You can transform open cabinets, racks and shelves with the remnants of wallpaper by papering the back wall. Another cool way to update the furniture will be wrapping drawer fronts and cabinet doors with colored fragments of wallpaper.

Headboard decoration

Wallpaper remnants can be used to decorate the headboard in the bedroom or make original panels over it.

Kids room decoration

The best use of the remnants of wallpaper is a child’s room decoration. Make applications of different animals, letters, numbers, and trees, cut from colorful wallpaper on a blank wall. Your children will appreciate this idea. This technique is particularly useful for damaged or soiled areas.


Remnants of wallpaper can also be used to decorate various accessories: photo frames, doors, book covers, screens, trays, boxes, lampshades, wall clocks, etc.

Turn on the imagination, and then with a small amount of wallpaper and minimal cost, you can transform your interior and make it more cozy and original.

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