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Maisons du Monde Summer Trends 2014

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French brand Maisons du Monde known in Europe, released summer collection of furniture for original interior designs. They are distinguished by bright colors and the idea of ​​mixing them in the most daring combinations. For one of the trends a decorator found inspiration in the Brazilian carnival, as well as in rich shades of the local nature. The author of the collection is sure that this “cocktail” looks better in combination with eco-style furniture.

Summer Trends for 2014 from Maisons du Monde

Bahia collection from Maisons du Monde

Bahia collection from Maisons du Monde

Another trend was created under the influence of retro style of 50s, which today is being revived thanks to the characteristic bright subjects and optimistic details. The youth who is not indifferent to the original and funny solutions violating tradition will especially enjoy this theme.


Enter a Brazilian carnival atmosphere with a collection of Bahia. This luscious mix of shades of papaya, kiwi, hibiscus, indigo, anise and sunny yellow will enliven any corner of your home. In this collection the designer used the following  materials: ribbons, beads and raffia.

Almost all the furniture is wicker or made of untreated wood. It is excellently complemented with colorful screens, cushions, door drawers.

Decor is truly diverse. There are colorful baskets and wicker trays, bright posters, figurines and even parrots. Considerable attention is paid to utensils. Wicker bowls, candlesticks and colorful tall glasses “Mojito” will please lovers of cocktails and beach parties.


Collection “Flashy” is furniture in style of the 50s, bright colors, unusual decor, motivational inscriptions. In general, all that you need to set the mood. This is especially good style in the interior of the youth room.

There is also a cocktail of colors: neon pink and orange, coral, star anise, yellow chartreuse, pastel blue and white. The selected materials reflect the style perfectly: natural wood, prints on rice paper and stencils with fine geometric patterns.

In this collection, there is no place for boring furniture. Sofas, chairs, tables – all are painted in bright and cheerful colors (green, yellow, blue). Even such humdrum furniture like a dresser or a TV stand is revived thanks to the colorful doors.

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