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Transparent Elegance: New Generation Furniture

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You might think you are out of your mind when seeing someone floating in the air, well don’t go mad yet. It is no doubt a piece of transparent new generation furniture design. Take a look at these awesome new generation furniture designs.

Transparent furniture

The brilliant grace

They look amazing, with this glittery bright and curvilinear surface. Take a look at that awesome Oste Table, which overflows with elegance and luxury look. This gorgeous piece of furniture, introduced by Colico Design in late April. This stunning masterpiece of acrylic supremacy is a total find for anyone who wants to add a touch of elegance into a dining room, or even into a living room. It is light, transparent, and magnificent but without the clumsiness of wood. The reflected light plays with the curves, illuminating the intricate table leg details. This table no doubt looks traditional in its form, yet it adds a contemporary charm to it, because it is made from a modern material, acrylic. This table no doubt brings personal tones to any room it is located in.

Not yet convinced that elegance can be transparent? Check out the Pasha chair. Made by Marco Pocci and Claudio Dondoli, it also add a sense of grace and charm. It is not as magnificent and grand as the Oste Table, however, they share the common translucence. The Pasha chair is made out of polycarbonate. An interesting note is also that Pasha chair can blend into practically any background. The design of the chair is pretty chic, so it adds luxury into your interior. The transparent furniture is a great find for anyone who wants elegance and modernity in their furniture.

Check these amazing transparent furniture designs:

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  1. Micol Borgato Says:

    Buongiorno, scrivo da Milano ( Italy ). Desidero sapere come poter acquistare il tavolo in plexiglass e le dimensioni possibili. Aspetto vostra risposta. Grazie

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