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Random8 Chair

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In childhood, many of us have enjoyed playing in the sun with shards of glass – colored shadows excited our imagination. Random8 Chair created by employees of the French design studio Pitaya Design returns you to this simple entertainment. Properly positioned elements of Plexiglas create a very attractive visual effect. By the way, neither seat nor back are heated even on a hot day.

Colored Shadows of Random8 Chair

Random8 chair by Pitaya Design

Random8 chair by Pitaya Design

Bright colored shadows on the floor or on the pavement are able to cast a spell. Spectacular and memorable stained glass chair Random8 looks especially effectively at the sun for obvious reasons. However, in the bright and spacious rooms this interesting model will also be able to express itself properly.

You can see the true value of this chair in these sunny spring days. Depending on how it is placed relative to the light source, it throws colored reflections on the floor, ceiling or wall, and these “sunbeams” immediately lift the spirits.

Random8 chair by Pitaya Design

Random8 chair by Pitaya Design

Random8 chair has a steel frame, reminiscent of a stained glass frame, with inserted parts ​​of Plexiglas with dichroic properties. This means that depending on the light color and intensity of the shadows, the highlights are different. This elegant piece of furniture can be placed indoors or outdoors without fear of it overheating in the sun, because thanks to the special properties of Plexiglas the absorption of heat is reduced to minimum.

It is worth noting that Random8 was designed not only as a decorative element, but it is also quite comfortable to sit on.

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