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Polygonal Shapes as Elements of Decor

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Polygonal shapes and forms in home decor can make your minimalist and modern style interior more complex and interesting. While all things in our interior have various geometric shapes, some designers look into polygonal forms to add new edge to every day things like furniture, lighting and other. Today we are showing some of the designs with polygonal shapes and tell a bit about each of them.

Bucky’s Nightmare

Geometric Shapes as Elements of Decor

Bucky’s Nightmare is a creation of the designer Mathieu Lehanneur who was inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic dome and translated it into a leather chair that changes form to make it comfortable for its owner. The chair was designed in 2008 and is made of leather in triangle pattern.

Chaise Longue

Geometric Shapes as Elements of Decor

XYZ has designed this Chaise Longue in 2007 as a multifunctional couch that can be transformed into polygonal Chaise Longue when the center cushion is rotated by 180 degrees. Sleek, stylish, smart!

Philink Table

Geometric Shapes as Elements of Decor

Eco-friendly Philink Table is a great design solution and multifunctional piece for home and office. Belgian architects Jeroen Theuns and Caroline Voet have originally designed it to motivate staff at workplaces wok as a team and the design itself suggests the teamwork quiet apparently.

Hedronic Chair

Geometric Shapes as Elements of Decor

Hedronic Chair by anOtherArchitect was designed using a polyhedron shape, hence the name. Made completely of stainless steel the chair was painted white and folded origami-style as well as decorated with holes and other geometric patterns to lighten the weight.

FX10 Lounge Chair

Geometric Shapes as Elements of Decor

FX10 Lounge Chair was designed by Thomas Feichtner in 2006. Combined of several leather blocks the chair is definitely far from an average piece of furniture. Stylish and edgy such chair can add depth and charm to your home decor.

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