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Item Of The Week: Porter’s Chair

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The Porter’s chair is a high back canopied seat that was used by hall porters in medieval England and Northern Europe as they took messages, allowed or disallowed guests and visitors in. The Porter’s chairs sometimes came with drawers and features for placing a lantern.

Item Of The Week: Porter's Chair

Nowadays Porter’s chairs are used indoors and are used to add drama to the interior. They come in leather and fabric upholstery, some are made out of wicker to be used on the outdoors or on the beach.

The chair can be used in the living room as a decorative piece of furniture upholstered in patterned fabrics or in a formal dining room for ultimate;y luxurious and dramatic look. The Porter’s chair can also replace the oh-so-common armchairs at the seating area or be used to fill the awkward corners.

The Porter’s chair can be bought from such brands as Coup D’Etat, French Bedroom Company, Juliettes Interiors and others.

Porter’s Chair In Home Decor

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