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Nest-Like Stools by Note Design Studio

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I like how people can find inspiration in almost anything. Note Design Studio has created these stools inspired by birds’ nests. The metal stools are sleek yet stylish. The metal body features a bowl-like seat with a soft cork filling it in. The designers describe their nest-like creations as follows:

Nest-Like Stools by Note Design Studio

This is Boet (meaning Nest in Swedish), a stool inspired by the birds’ home among the trees. Elevated, protected, carried by a strong tree, you find the soft, rounded shape of the nest.

In connection with our design concept for Johan & Nystrom’s new showroom in Helsinki, we needed a stool with strong character for the café in a high and a low model. The old port warehouse, where the café is located, is sturdy and heavy in brick and rough wooden beams. With this we have furnished with lots of color and a mix of unexpected materials, where Boet has a natural place.

Note Design Studio has also noted on the play between materials and textures – cold and strong metal and soft and warm cork. Boet stool is conceptual and yet functional. The design is contemporary and would enhance a modern style interior. The metal frame comes in various colors from black to white and blue while the cork seat stays the same. The Boet‘s seat metal frame is a bit tilted, which gives it a little twist and the change of lines. It also features three legs and one bar between the two of them. Boet is featured in two heights. There is a taller stool and a shorter version of it. The Boet stool will be exhibited at the Couplicite exhibition during Maison & Objet in Paris 2011. What do you think about it?

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  1. Helle Says:

    where can I get Boet bar stool from Note Design Studio in Denmark?

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