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Echo Coffee Table By Debra Folz

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Echo Coffee table is a beautiful creation of designer Debra Folz. Being a part of her 2013 collection this amazing piece of furniture is both functional and very glamorous. Featuring “a modern interpretation of the traditional patterns found in quilting” this coffee table is a great alternative to regular wooden ones.

Echo Tables By Debra Folz

Echo Coffee and Side Tables

Echo Coffee and Side Tables by Debra Folz

Echo coffee table is made of a metal frame and a beautiful glass tabletop decorated with quilting patterns that are executed in different shades of pink or purple, which makes for a beautiful effect of echoing pattern.

There is also a side table that is taller and with a smaller tabletop. Both come with similar patterns that project onto the floor when lit with natural light.

Both tables come in zinc and bronze plated steel frames and with violet or fuchsia patterns. Either can make for a great statement piece in a living room. The price for a coffee table is $3,400, while the side table is available at $2,200.

Debra Folz’s 2013 collection also includes some curious pieces like Braided Stools that were created out of wood and cut specifically to accomodate the weaving pattern inspired by traditional leather weaving techniques. The result is the simple round stools decorated with colorful leather strips in a beautiful weaved pattern. There is also a Radial Stool featuring a more intricate weaved pattern.

Whole Story Albums are photo albums designed to stand solidly on the surface providing not only a place for storing memories but also serving as a decor objects.

There are also a Case storage cabinet and Archery Tacks that help pinning and saving physical notes around the house. The cabinet is available in smaller sizes as well.

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