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Balloons Bench

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Have you ever had a childish dream to take a huge cluster of air balloons and fly away with them? Well, since you have grown up, you may smile at the idea but a Japanese genius designer Satoshi Itasaka has brought a dream of millions kids to reality by creating a Balloons Bench that really is lifted into the air by red balloons.

Balloon Bench by Satoshi Itasaka


Where Inspiration Comes from

A bench held by a bunch of red balloons is a magical creation of Japanese designer Satoshi Itasaka:

This bench was visually inspired by the feeling of floating that the main character felt in the French movie, Le Ballon Rouge”.

Satoshi Itasaka recreated his feelings about a movie where a little boy is wandering around the streets of Paris accompanied by his friend – Red Balloon. This film soon became known to American audience under the name “Red Balloon” and instantly gained amazing popularity although hardly a single word was pronounced in the whole movie. In the silence of a film we see a gracefully dancing red balloon above the boy’s head and mixed feeling of bitterness when street bullies blow up this balloon.


Smoke and Mirrors

So, a light bench is floating in the air held up by two clusters of red balloons. The aluminum construction is designed so that the balloons conceal an anchor attached it to the ceiling that actually holds the bench up in mid air. Beautiful, wonderful illusion from a creative mind that a bench is rising with the help of light balloons is only “Smoke and mirrors…” – as a professional illusionist would say.

This dreamy sculpture can really become a part of an interior. Itasaka has said he made a decision to sell it into private possession. Also Balloon Bench can be found in Japan, Tokyo Art Gallery “Somewhere” flying above the heads of amazed visitors.

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