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Pool House Design Ideas

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A pool house is a structure built near the swimming pool that includes a changing room, a shower, a bathroom and is used for other purposes like rest and entertainment. Pool house is a great addition to the swimming pool as it provides sun protection, changing area and all the basic amenities that are required for the most comfortable afternoon swim.

Ideas For Designing Pool House

Pool House Design Ideas

Wilton Poolhouse by Hariri & Hariri


Pool house is usually a half open structure which a room for shower and changing and an open pergola-like sun awning which is sometimes completed with a bar counter or a sitting area. It usually reflects the style of a house and often features traditional house shape (with a triangular roof). Modern pool houses though can be quite different and come in various shapes and sizes.


Speaking of shapes, a modern pool house doesn’t have to have a traditional triangular shape. Take for example, Wilton Poolhouse by Hariri & Hariri. It features an angular outer shell made in wood that protects the rectangular glass room. Another example is a curved pool house by Canny Design (first pic below). There is even a concept of an inflatable pool house called AirClad.


Most often used materials for pool houses are stone, wood, and brick but modern versions use more of glass and wood. You can use stone and glass to mix traditional and modern styles or you can use mostly wood to create a vintage-inspired pool house.


To add more allure to your pool house decorate it with curtains for increased privacy, surround it with greenery, or statuary. Don’t forget that the pool house is an independent structure and has to have its own character. Use accessories and landscaping to create a special touch inside and around the pool house.

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