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Ghost Chairs by Drift Studio

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Just by an accident we discovered that Halloween is at its closest. Most of our interiorholics have already decorated their interiors with all Halloween attributes. And Drift Studio introduces Halloween theme into design.

GHOST chair_DRIFT_002

‘Horrific’ Interior Idea

If you like extraordinary details in interior design, it will be hard to find something more extraordinary than the Ghost Chairs. Truly amazing and talented designers from Drift Studio use modern technologies for most of their creations. For example, recently they presented Nola Lamps with innovative LED bulbs at Dutch Design Week in Eindhofen. This designer’s studio is striving to make a clear border between old and new styles in interior.

How Do You Make a Ghost?

Ghost Chairs are made of Plexiglas, which is a transparent but rather strong material. It is becoming very popular among designers due to its reliability, price and limitless possibilities for bringing bright imagination into reality. Inside the Plexiglas form are situated small microscopic bubbles of air which are very close to each other. Specialists used special 3D technology to shape ghostly forms inside the chairs. The light, while falling onto the air bubbles make them shine. What we see is a strange smoky substance that can only be associated with a ghost. The result is estimated as “exceeding expectations”.

Ghosts in Interior

I’m sure that all fans of futuristic designs will find this collection worthy to be introduced to their interiors. None of the chairs have similar shapes inside thanks to the modern technology. Even if your friends will buy a chair set from the Ghost collection, you can be sure that both of you possess a unique set.


By the way, if you decide to make a Halloween party at home, don’t forget to switch off the light. I guarantee that shining ghosts will cause at least surprise among your guests. Happy Halloween!

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