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Home Decorating With Collection Items

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Home collection is a great way to add personality to your home. To make your collection look well in home decor you should consider the following common rules. If you have just decided to start gathering your own collection, it is important to choose a field of your interest. The collection does not necessarily have to consist of only one type of item. It can combine things of particular era, style or color.

How to Display Collection Items in Interior Design

Home collection of vases in interior design

Home collection of vases in interior design

If you already have a collection, consider what room or place would be best for it. For example, if you collect teacups, then most likely, your kitchen will be the best room for them. But if you collect old typewriters, they would probably look better in your home office.

Once you have decided on your collection and the room for it, you will need to choose a specific location. Here you need to consider the size of all the details and the entire collection. You will probably need a large closet to fit the entire collection in it; or maybe a small shelf will be enough; you also can mix the items from your collection with books, vases and other elements of décor on the bookshelf.

Styling your collection is the next step. Consider things such as color, texture, and size of objects collected in the collection. Try to organize all the items from the collection together or mix them with other items from the same era. Try a variety of combinations.

Your collection is getting larger. And you will need to eventually change the exposition. Do not just haphazardly add items. You will need to change locations of the objects to make the new item fit into the already created composition. This will help your collection to be always fresh and updated.

Home collection of clocks in interior design

Home collection of clocks in interior design

Usually we begin to gather a collection primarily as a fun hobby. But the collection can also add character to your home. If you locate it correctly, and can help keep the collection organized and attractive.

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