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Coffee Station Ideas For Brew Enthusiasts

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Coffee station is not only an office feature. If you are a dedicated coffee enthusiast you can have your own coffee corner/bar/paradise at home. Just a bit of space, spare piece of furniture, and a good coffee machine, and voila, you don’t need all those fancy overpriced coffee shops anymore.

Cupboard coffee bar

Sure a kitchen with plenty of storage space should be enough to keep all the necessary ingredients together. But how hip are those coffee stations that have everything you need in one tightly-packed spot, including mugs and spoons.

The very easy to put together, a coffee station is truly a mood changer and atmosphere setter. It also doesn’t have to be in the kitchen. Place it near the TV or in the dining room for a post-meal coffee and dessert.

Coffee bar

Image via Casa Haus

You can use any old chest of drawers, side table, cart, or an old cupboard as your station base. Open shelves can be used for mugs, plates, and inspirational framed quotes or other decor.

If you want to drink coffee right there you can bring give some old stools a makeover or simply choose the ones thaf would suit your coffee station style, which can be anything from industrial to coffee house to cottage chic.

Coffee Bar And Station Ideas

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