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One Coffee Cup a Day by Bernat Cuni

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Hong Kong-based designer Bernat Cuni has designed thirty creative and unusual coffee cups that will suffice to let enjoy your coffee drink from a different cup each day of the month. The experimental project has yielded thirty different unusual coffee cup designs that explore shapes, forms and textures of this tableware item.

One Coffee Cup a Day by Bernat Cuni

One Cup a Day project is an experiment on creativity and rapid manufacturing, by ideating, designing, modeling and making available for production and purchase a coffee cup within 24 hours, everyday during one month.

Unusual tableware can be a great accessory to your kitchen or dining room. Bernat Cuni coffee cups look like little sculptures so even if you won’t use them for their purpose they can easily decorate your dining, living room or kitchen. Place them on the shelves, tables and cabinets.

The One Coffee Cup a Day cups are really diverse and explore various shapes and forms. There are polygonal cups, unconventional shapes like in Savoy or Bathtub Cup. Some cups are textured with various patterns of gold ball, knitted ceramic string, fish scales and more.

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