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5 Ideas of Toy Storage

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Where to store toys? As children get older, the issue becomes a real problem. It becomes impossible to keep dozen dolls or cars, balls and tinker toys in one big box. In addition, children do not like to put toys back. So if you’re tired of tripping over toys scattered on the floor, it’s time to organize a system to store them.

5 Practical Ways to Store Toys in Kids Room

Bed with drawers

Bed with drawers 

Our ideas will allow you not only to remember the options for a child’s room organizing, but also to find new ideas that you will want to bring to life.

Bed with drawers

It is unforgivable to leave blank a space under the bed. So if you have a choice between a conventional sleeper and a bed with drawers, certainly give preference to the bed with drawers. You can store seldom-used toys in the boxes.

Desk with shelves for toys

The original idea for preschool and primary school children, is a complex of a desk surrounded by open shelves to store toys and books.

Soft pouf with fold-back seat

Three is a small space inside a pouf, but it will be enough for storing of children’s books, coloring books, puzzles or small tinker toys.


Practical storage system makes life easier for parents, and solves the problem of toys storage. Top shelves can be used for seldom-used household items, and your kid can easily use the lower ones to put there his toys.

Open shelving

You can place boxes or wicker baskets with handles into the open shelves, if you want to hide the toys. These boxes, baskets or plastic containers for toys storage can be bought in the store or made by your own hands. You can put baskets and boxes not in each section, leaving some of them open. Put books, dolls and cars on the open shelves. Such method can refresh the interior, especially if the boxes have different colors.

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