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How To Organize Bathroom Vanity

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Bathroom vanities are good for storage and handy at daily use. The soap and other cosmetic products can be kept at vicinity of the sink. Some vanities come as cabinets, others as tables. Some feature towel handles and others feature trays for keeping stuff. Which one to choose for your bathroom depends solely on your needs. If you need additional storage units opt for those with drawers and shelves. Some vanities come in modern wall-mounted versions.

How To Organize Bathroom Vanity

Store What’s Useful

In order to prevent clutter in the bathroom vanity store only the things you use in it. Decorative jars may add charm to your bathroom vanity but try to find some use for them. You can store cotton pads, liquid soaps, and other such things in these decorative bowls, jars and vessels.

Use Drawer Dividers

Drawer dividers can be helpful for storing small things like cosmetic tubes, spare soaps, etc. These can be handmade from thick cardboard cut into strips that are fixed together. Dividers won’t let these small things get messy and scattered in the drawer.

Use Free Space Under Vanity

Use free space under vanity to store things from towels to scales. Use storage baskets to keep clean towels there or cleaning products. Keep the top surface clean in order to prevent clutter and mess. Sort things out every now and then to dispose of empty cosmetic containers and fill up the decorative vessels with cotton pads, soap and other.

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  1. purnawan widodo Says:

    thanks for the information and ideas are given, this is very helpful in doing my job

  2. Ted Says:

    It’s funny, I never thought about using or making drawer dividers for my vanity. Very practical!

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