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How To Create Coastal Living Room Decor For Summer

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Summer is in full and even when it’s over the weather might still be warm enough to enjoy the coastal living room or it can still bring in the warmth during cold season. A bit of redecorating can make for a great makeover.

How To Create Coastal Living Room Decor For Summer

Coastal Makeover

Replace heavy curtains with white or light blue airy ones. They will not only let more air in but will also bring in more sunlight inside and flap with every whiff of air. Change your sofa slip cover to a more sea-themed one. It can be white, sand, with blue stripes or sky blue. The same goes for throw pillows. Swap the area rug with beige or cream one to add beach feel to the room. Take out the seashells and put them on display. Any coastal-themed artworks or art pieces will also add an emphasis to the decor.

This will suit an interior design with a neutral color scheme, open layout and without definite style that would conflict with the coastal decor. It is a good ideas to have this kind of design if you love constant makeovers and seasonal decor.

Coastal Remodeling

For a more permanent redecoration opt for coastal color shemes that include beige, cream, sand, white, blue, and yellow. Opt for natural wood in flooring and furniture. Wicker furniture can also be used indoors creating a beach house look. Themed wall decor or display objects emphize the style greatly. It can be seashells, sea-colored glassware and other coastal accessories.

Coastal Living Rooms

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