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Rustic Themed Kitchen Design

Unfinished and raw wood make rustic kitchen look both romantic and worn. The rustic style is simple and nostalgic. It can be created on a budget using the old furniture that doesn't necessarily have to be repainted as the old cracked paint only adds to the rustic feel.

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Rustic theme can be often seen used in decorating kitchens. It is romantic and vintage and it creates a nostalgic atmosphere. To decorate a room in a rustic theme choose wooden furniture, country motifs, and vintage decorations.

Rustic Themed Kitchen Design

Choose Color Scheme

Yellow, cream, pale blue, and soft pink can be mixed with neutrals like brown, white, and black. Natural wood finishing and furniture will also add to the rustic theme.

Rustic Style Materials

Vintage, worn out wooden furniture is best at carrying a rustic theme. Cracked paint only adds to the feel. Unfinished and raw surfaces also fit the aesthetics of the rustic theme. As for metals, copper and bronze are often used in rustic themed kitchens.

Decorations and Accessories

Use open shelves and cabinets to display vintage ceramics and pottery. Antique mirrors, clocks, pillows, and rugs can add detail and warmth to the worn rustic kitchen design .

Rustic Design On Budget

Rustic decor can be created on a budget since the old furniture can be reused and redecorated to fit into the rustic theme. It can be repainted or left unfinished, worn out, and chapped. Vintage ceramics and other accessories can be found in antique shops. The furnishings and decorations can be kept minimal as the style suggests simplicity in decor.

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