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Colorful Kid’s Bathroom

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These small bathrooms are designed specifically for kids. They are ideal for schools and kindergartens. They are bright, colorful and fun. The bathroom from Florakids collection designed by Laufen will please any child.  Rounded shapes, bold colors and motifs drawn from the animal and plants kingdom adds to Florakids bathrooms an atmosphere of fabulousness and playfulness, creating an ideal environment for teaching children cleanliness and hygiene.

Colorful Kid’s Bathroom by Laufen

Florakids kid's bathroom for schools and kindergartens by Laufen

Florakids kid’s bathroom for schools and kindergartens by Laufen

The main element of the decor is a sink with a basin, which has a shape of four petals (available colors are white, red and green). The dispenser can be supplemented with ceramic shelves in the form of clouds. The mirror is in form of a red flower or a long green caterpillar, which consists of the head-piece and moon-shaped parts of mirror. These parts may be arranged separately and together in the form of the body of the caterpillar of any length.

If necessary, several shells in kindergarten can be placed next to each other and provide ample space for storing toiletries.

The whole Florakids collection is designed with care of children. It is clearly seen in the ergonomic toilet bowls that do not have sharp edges and corners. Seats are available in white, red and green design. They have a small diameter. There is a mini backrest so that children were not afraid to fail. Ergonomic seat also allows kiddies, who are just learning to use the toilet, grasping for “ears” on the right and left of the seat. Lever basin mixer provides ease of use and high level of hygiene.

It is processed by special powder coating, which allows children to safely and easily use it. Innovative Ecototal cartridge reduces the risk of burns and ensures efficient use of water.

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