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How To Plan Small Apartment Interior Design

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When it comes to interior design it all comes down to planning, small-spaced homes, however, require a great deal of it as the lack of space may constrict the designer’s flight of fancy. To get the most of the small apartment the residents need to prioritize spaces according to their needs. For instance, if one works from home they will need a home office or at least an effectively organized working space. So the purpose of drafting a floor plan (maybe numerously) is to optimize available space to be able to fit all the necessary features into the apartment.

How To Plan Small Apartment Design

Small Apartment Design Planning

Tuck Away Bed

There are a few ways of hiding a bed in a small apartment. Create a loft or plan a dividing element that will provide the bedroom with privacy. Frin a simple curtain to a storage wall divider the options are numerous but they might also depend on the apartment’s architecture. Using architectural nooks it’s possible to create a private space in small apartment for sleeping or working.

Arrange Furniture Carefully

When it comes to drawing the floor plan think about what furniture items will be necessary for the room and how to arrange them efficiently. Floating furniture items can be a great way of dividing the room into zones. For instance, a sofa standing in the middle of the room can make for two different areas that can be each used to the different purpose. To divide bedroom from open kitchen use a freestanding bookshelf or kitchen bar. This will set the two areas apart giving them different functions.

How To Plan Small Apartment Design

Merge Areas

When drawing a floor plan don’t be afraid to merge certain areas as sometimes dividers can make the room look cramped. This way you will have an open airy space that can have multipl  functions. To visually set certain areas apart think using different colors, materials and finishes in different areas. Thus they will be seen as separate and yet the space will stay open.

Use Corners

Plan your small apartment design using all the available space. Using awkward corners as storage space, home office, or reading nook will maximize the number of areas you can create in the small apartment. Use windowsills and balconies to create eating areas, use closet as a home office or bedroom, retire the clutter into the corner storage to enjoy open airy look.

How To Plan Small Apartment Design

Architectural Details

Not all small apartments are the same, so naturally an individual floor plan in several drafts will help make the most of  your apartment. The carefully thought-out floor plan drawn by yourself or a professional gives an idea of how to use all the architectural peculiarities of the apartment to maximize and optimize the living space. For instance, an under roof apartment will have a vaulted ceiling that can make for different nooks while the regular apartment may have an even ceiling that makes for open space.

Also think about having removable dividers that are lightweight and even maybe folding. This will give more flexibility to the small apartment design. Consulting with a professional can result in a lot of helpful insights and tips that will help to draw a perfect plan for your small apartment fitting in all the necessary features.

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