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Renovation: Small Studio Apartment In Paris

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‘Appartement Spectral’ is a small studio apartment in Paris that was renovated by Betillon / Dorval-Bory. The small abode is painted entirely in white and features loft bedroom that overlooks kitchen and dining area. The kitchen countertop can also be used as a seating/reading nook while the loft bedroom features no border providing more place for sitting.

Renovated Small Studio Apartment

Renovated Small Studio Apartment In Paris

Small Studio Apartment in Paris

Loft spaces always aid in enhancing small homes filling the room both vertically and horizontally. A loft bedroom is always a great idea since it is less often accessed than other rooms in the house and this way it can be more private.

The stairs that lead from kitchen to bedroom feature special lights that may act as day lamps for reading as well as color dividers between a bedroom and kitchen. This is an incredible solution that allows keeping the apartment totally white when it’s necessary as well as dividing it by color. During the day, for instance, a bedroom/bathroom area can be shaded if lights are off or it can be lit with yellow lights that contrast with the rest of the space lit with white light.

The bathroom is hidden right beneath the bedroom platform, under the stairs and behind a free-standing wall with the lights. The toilet, according to the plan, is located in a separate room, which may not be too convenient but is quite logical.

The project is interesting, though the modern levitating stairs still don’t convince us of their safety. It can be taken as an example of how loft spaces can solve ‘a lack of space’ problem and how lighting can divide space eliminating the need for physical dividers that would only create obstacles and divide a room into boxy spaces.

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