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Madrid Apartment: Fusion of Styles

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If you can’t decide on any particular decorating style for your interior, one of the options might be the fusion of styles! This is an example of Madrid-based apartment, where designers decided to make very cute and comfortable interior, while keeping up its functionality. The main attraction of the apartment is its location, as it is situated between the Calle San Bernardo and the famous Plaza de España in the center of Madrid. Moreover, this charming contemporary apartment is located in the traditional building, which was built in 2008 and renovated just recently.

Madrid Residence

Cozy One Bedroom Apartment in Spain

Featuring only 50 square meters of living space, this flat is really expansive in terms of space. It offers lightweight one-bedroom experience, just in the heart of Madrid. The exposed brick wall reminds of the industrial past of the space, while adding extra charm and personality. There are no visible barriers that divide the space into different areas: kitchen, dining room and living room are all in one spot, divided only by furnishing details.

The interior design is very alike Scandinavian, but with a lot of other influences, from Bohemian color invasion to Industrial furnishings. Despite appearing hectic in this celebration of patterns and colors, the apartment’s interior is even somewhat refined. Each detail is thoroughly matching the rest of the decor.

We see lots of striped colorful rugs, decorative pillows with real-life photographic prints, letter decorations and contemporary artworks. All of it brings its own charm to the space, making up its personality of the space. However, usually personality comes along  with an owner, but this apartment is different. This place is open for rent, so anyone who is willing to pay €2200 per month and also happens to live in Madrid can actually live in this apartment!

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