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Colorful Marble Interior Design Ideas

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When we think of marble the visual association is usually virtually the same. White background with dark veins and streaks swirling and spreading beautfiully on the white stone like on canvas. And while marble is usually light in color, it can also be red, blue, purple, yellow, green, and pink.

Dark marble

There is also a beautiful and trendy black marble on the market today that makes great surface material not only for floors and kitchen countertops but also the walls.

Colorful marble can look very beautiful in any interior. Mostly used in the bathrooms, colored marble can sometimes overpower space when used on every surface from vanity to floors. So choosing one surface to decorate with colored marble is important. The smaller the space, the less marble is warranted. But if you still want an ultimately luxurious look opt for white or black marble with least amount of impurities (veins).

It is also important to think the color scheme through considering marble’s color and pattern. When too many colors meet the marble pattern things can look a bit too overloaded.

Colorful Marble Interior Designs

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